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Leitz case

This is how we help Leitz in all matters relating to legislation and regulations


Development of their online and printed manuals

Leitz is part of the Esselte Group. The Esselte Group develops innovative products to organise and simplify the modern work environment. The Leitz manuals were translated into 24 languages, resulting in high printing costs and bulky paper manuals. Leitz went looking for new ways to provide its end users with information, provided they would still be able to use their products safely. INSTRKTIV established the essential information that was legally required to accompany the product. This allowed for a paper reduction of 40 to 50%.

Advice on product labeling

One of the Leitz's products is an innovative LED luminaire. Among other things, INSTRKTIV studied what the requirements would be regarding its product labeling. The study pointed to the EU requirement that LED lighting needs to comply with the Directive 2009/125/EC regarding the ecological design of energy-related products. Therefore, both Directive 2010/30 / EC regarding the listing of energy consumption and consumption of other resources on product labeling and in the standard product information of energy-related products and Directive (EU). 874/2012 with respect to the energy labeling of electric lamps and lighting fixtures are applicable. This legislation sets requirements for the provision of product information, instructions and labeling. The requirements are identified and implemented in all relevant communications.

Drafting the EC declaration of conformity

The LED luminaire is operated by means of an app that communicates via Bluetooth with the fixture. Therefore, Directive 2014/53 / EU regarding the distribution of radio equipment is applicable. This Directive imposes requirements on the EC declaration of conformity. There may be a shortened EC declaration included in the product, provided it refers to the internet address where the full EC declaration can be found. The Directive imposes demands on the content of both EC declarations. INSTRKTIV drafted both EC statements.