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Manual Template

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A manual is a reference book used by professionals and beginners alike, offering a comprehensive guide full of relevant information on a specific topic. Often in a step-by-step format, the manual reveals and instructs the user on accomplishing a task. Manuals are also known as handbooks or user guides.

Manuals can be written for a variety of different purposes related to business. In our definition, it is a document which offers safety instructions to help keep the user safe when operating and/or installing a product. But manuals can also be created to clarify and even define a company’s business practices, policies, rules and regulations, reveal a company structure, and even offer safety instructions to help keep the user safe when operating and/or installing a product.


See how you can use the User Manual Template to create your own compliant, user-friendly and appealing user manual



Definition of a Manual Template

A manual is defined by the purpose for which it was created. A manual will give someone step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish a specific task. A manual template helps to guide the writer in creating a manual for their business. If the business owner wants to share with his customer's safety information regarding the product, how to install and use its features, then he’ll create a product manual to do so.

Purpose of a Manual Template

When a business creates a product, there’s a specific set of information the consumer must know about it before they can operate/use it. A manual will give the customer that valuable information so they know how to put the product together, use its features, the specs of the product, understand the safety functions, and even how to store and take care of it when not in use.

The purpose of a manual template is to help the writer understand each point they need to add into their manual. The manual template will already be structured so all the writer has to do is add in pertinent information and they’re good to go. The manual template will also help organize and compile the information you wish to pass on to the employee.

Relevance of a Manual Template

The manual template exists to support a writer in creating a manual for their business or for any other matter that you might need a manual for. Manuals are created for a variety of different reasons, including, rules and regulations, to give instructions, to help teach, and give any relevant information the reader must know.

Contents of the Manual Template

The manual template itself has a table of contents with the table of contents mentioned below.

1 Introduction
1.1 Intended use
1.2 Safety symbols used in this manual
2 Description of the device
2.1 Technical data
2.2 Identification plate
2.3 Product elements
2.4 Visual and auditive signals
3 Important Safety Information
3.1 Safety warnings
3.2 Explanation of safety messages used on the device
3.3 What tools are required
4 How to install the device
4.1 How to transport the device
4.2 Unpack and check the contents
4.3 How to install the device
5 How to get the product ready for use
5.1 How to ….
6 Using the product
6.1 How to ...
7 Maintenance and cleaning
8 Troubleshooting
9 Disposal of the product
10 Warranty

Using the Manual Template

  • The very first step is to determine your audience for your product manual. Really consider your customer base and how they can best be helped with the manual you create.
  • Once you’ve painted a portrait of your audience and you’re convinced on how best to meet their needs, download the template to get a
  • After studying the template a bit, you should see the information you’re required to input. Research all the information you want to be added to the template.
  • Once you have all the information, put together an outline to help you write your manual template. Having a good idea where certain pieces go helps with the writing process.
  • Take the template and customize it to your liking. Remember to keep the customer in mind here.
  • If it looks good, start adding the information to each designated section.
  • When you’re done writing, look the whole document over and inspect it for errors.
  • Using the outline, add in a Table of Contents so your customers have an easier time seeking out the information they hope to find.
  • Publish the manual in whatever format you desire!
  • A detailed procedure can be read in this Case Study.


Compliant User Manual Templates

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