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Here’s what you’ll learn!

ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English (STE) is a controlled language that is used to write technical manuals in such a way that they can be more easily understood by an international audience. STE helps to make translations cheaper and more accurate.

Our certified Simplified Technical English trainings are conducted by seasoned industry experts who work according to international standards, while having the flexibility to deal with your specific requirements. Our prefered STE trainings partner is Shufrans Techdocs.

“STE is a ‘way of life’ in the field of technical writing and documentation. The ASD-STE100 exercises covered a wide spectrum of topics from choosing between approved and non-approved words to recreating documentation in STE. Shumin expertly guides us from classroom learning mode to real-life practical application of STE rules. The materials that she presented were informative and very convincing.”

Martin Broekhuis, Technical Editor, Webasto

Simplified Technical English Training

Why an open STE class?

The 2-day training is to kickstart your professional STE writing career. An open STE training class offers you 2 intensive training days when you can analyse and edit your own documentation with the help of our STE trainer. You will be taught how to use the ASD-STE100 standard and implement STE in your daily practice.

The training curriculum is designed to include lectures, course work and exercises that will prepare you for STE compliant authoring of technical manuals.

You will join other specialists from industries’ leading companies and gain access to new solutions and learning approaches to similar technical writing problems that you face at work.

Our open STE training classes offer you a great opportunity to benchmark your technical writing workflow against industry leaders. Discussions will be moderated by our STE trainers.

At the end of the training you will recieve a copy of the ASD-STE100 specification, exercises, learning aids and an STE certificate of attendance.

Simplified Technical English Certificate

Training overview, course outline and costs

  • Two days of highly personalised and extensive classroom training and workshop-style interaction.
  • Trainer with broad and in-depth experience in STE implementation worldwide.
  • Recommended class size: 6 – 10 participants.
  • Practical overview of ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English. 
  • How STE helps both native & non-native speakers of English. 
  • STE writing rules and how to implement them in practice. 
  • How to use the general STE vocabulary
  • How to deal with industry-specific terminology. 
  • How to use STE for various documentation types. 
  • How to implement STE with minimal disruption to on-going production and existing documentation. 
  • Hands-on STE editing and review. 
  • EUR 1,500 per person. (20% off for early bird registration)


Shumin Chen  





Who should attend?

Open STE training classes are ideal for companies that manage small and medium-sized technical writing teams that include professionals such as:

  • Technical Writers
  • Editors
  • Translators
  • QA Managers
  • Documentation Managers
  • ILS Managers
  • Safety Assurance Managers
  • Field Support Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Training Managers
  • Documentation Engineers