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Do you want to sell your product safely on the international market?

Then INSTRKTIV is the right partner for you


Does the following apply to you?

  • Do you think that your technical documentation may not comply with all legal regulations?
  • Has your product been facing problems with Amazon or Customs, for example, perhaps because of an invalid declaration of conformity, incorrect labelling or an inaccurate user manual?
  • Do you want to be sure that your customers can use your product safely?
  • Do you lack the capacity to have your documentation ready before you launch your product on the market?
  • Do you want to improve the user experience of your manuals?
  • Do you think you can save costs through better documentation management?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, that is, if you want to optimize the quality of your documentation, then INSTRKTIV is just the right partner for you.


At INSTRKTIV, we believe that:

  • After all the effort your company has made to develop and market a good product, the one thing you absolutely don’t want is for your customers to have a negative experience when they consult your manual.
  • Compliance with international legislation such as the CE marking provides opportunities to expand your business and to keep growing. 
  • Good documentation reduces your liability and improves the safety of your product while reducing costs.

 INSTRKTIV can help you here.

INSTRKTIV was founded by Ferry Vermeulen MSc. 

“Because I studied Industrial Design Engineering at Delft Technical University, I learnt to combine product legislation and technology with user-friendliness and design. This has allowed me to establish a business that helps you reduce your liability, have more satisfied customers and save costs.”

Ferry is specialised in product development, CE certification, international legislation and technical communication. As Director of INSTRKTIV, he focuses on product safety and user-friendliness. The main focus is on certification as a tool for growth opportunities and user manuals as legal documents that are not just the basis for liability but also for safe and correct use.

  • INSTRKTIV works with a regular team of 50 experts in the areas of certification and technical communication. They range from technical writers and legal experts to technical illustrators and translators. All the people we work with are at the top of their field and specialisation.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact us. You can do so by email to info@instrktiv.com.
  • And while you’re here, you can register below for free updates, with tips and techniques for improving your documentation.

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