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Ready to improve the quality of your documentation?

Then you've come to the right place


Here's the deal:

If you think your documentation does not meet all legal requirements…
If you want to make sure your users can use your product safely…
If  you do not have enough capacity to get your documentation ready before its market introduction…
If you want to improve the user experience of your documentation...
If you think you can save costs by better documentation management...
If you want to provide you techcomm department with the right tools and trainings...

So: if you want to take your documentation to the next level, then you're in the right place!


I believe that:

  • after all the effort that you, as a company, have put into developing a good product and good marketing, you especially do not want when your customer consults the user manual to be a negative experience!
  • users want to have product information within easy reach at the moment they need it.  Merely having a paper manual, as mandated by the CE mark to comply with European guidelines, does not satisfy this need.
  • good documentation can reduce your liablity and improve the safety of your product, whilst reducing costs.

 That's where INSTRKTIV comes in.

I have worked for many large companies for one simple reason:

As my background is in Industrial Design Engineering, everything I create is legally compliant, super user friendly and well designed to help you decrease liablity, get more satisfied customers and safe costs.

INSTRKTIV was founded by Ferry Vermeulen MSc, an internationally-recognized TechComm expert. Ferry now is director business development at INSTRKTIV.

Ferry specialises in providing companies and brands knowledge, ready-to-print documentation, capacity and tools & training. His own main specialisation is CE marking and meeting legal requirements.

Since 2006 Ferry has been involved in techcomm. He is co-founder of Manualise. In 2015 he decided to continue under a different name: INSTRKTIV. The focus of his new company is even more on quality – both in the field of usability and liability. The manual as legal document, which not only serves as the keystone in terms of liability but also promotes safe and proper use, is at the core of this.

Over the years, Ferry gained knowledge through training and education on the following topics:

  • European and U.S. legislation on instructions
  • Risk assessments
  • Technical writing
  • Simplified Technical English
  • Single sourcing
  • Content Management
  • MadCap Software and SCHEMA software
  • Information Mapping
  • Minimalism in techcomm

    Ferry works with a team with over 50 techcomm experts, based in Germany, the Netherlands, the U.S., the U.K., Spain, Latvia, India and the Philippines. All people we work with are the best within their own specialism, from tech writers to techncical illustrators and translators.

    Since February of 2016 Ferry moved from Amsterdam to Berlin, the startup capital of the world, to be in the middle of new fresh ideas.

    Don't hesitate to contact Ferry by sending an email to ferry@instrktiv.com or through Twitter or  Linkedin.

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