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From a 9-to-5 office job to a location-independent career. Here’s how Erwin found his place in the sun.

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Erwin discovered his piece of paradise on the tropical island of Bali and works as a technical writer for INSTRKTIV. We asked him what motivated his adventurous move to a new country 12.000km from home, what a typical working day looks like for him, and how he experiences life on the Island of the Gods....

How These Companies Never Had To Create a Manual Again

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Jean-Pierre is a technical writer at INSTRKTIV and enjoys working for companies that outsource their manual creation. He spends fixed days each week providing capacity to companies that need help with their documentation. We asked him all about how he helps product owners and engineers balance their workload, create impressive manuals and other documentation for innovative products and boosting team efficiency....

Create Awesome User Instructions For Leading Companies

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JP is a technical writer with a background in international law and marketing. We asked him all about the projects he works on and what makes working with product leaders so interesting....

How I Use My Work to Live a Fulfilling Life and Travel the World

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Lennard is an Industrial Design Engineer Graduate who swapped his nine to five job for a life working remotely. He mainly works for INSTRKTIV, creating user-friendly user instructions....

Customs & VAT When Importing to the EU: A How-to-Guide

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About to import goods from Asia to the EU? In this article, you will learn how to calculate import duties and VAT in 5, relatively speaking, simple steps....