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Case Study Vogel's - How We Used MadCap Flare to Create All Online Manuals for Vogel’s Products New Product Range and Increased Customer Satisfaction

INSTRKTIV Blog - Usability

Being the world’s leading manufacturer of TV mounts, Vogel’s Products turned to INSTRKTIV for optimizing their customers’ experience. As a result of our collaboration, we created online manuals for their products, using a powerful content management application called MadCap Flare. ...

Interactive User Manuals

INSTRKTIV Blog - Usability

Interactive animation is an increasingly important form of animation. When done correctly, interactive animation often is more effective than any other form of instructions....

When to Use Images, Text or Video in Your Product Assistance?

INSTRKTIV Blog - Usability

Choosing between whether to use text, illustrations or video in your techcomm should in principle always be based on how to serve the user of the information best. However, there might be some other things to consider as well now and then....

What Makes Portugal Different?

INSTRKTIV Blog - Usability

Where EU laws do require to translate your user instructions to the language where the product is being sold, this requirement does not exist for the product's label. Except in Portugal....