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This is how we work

This is how we help you

One thing is certain: every client and every problem requires a unique approach. The following workflow nevertheless tries to show the general process we adopt to achieve the best results for our clients.

  • Meeting

    You are looking for a solution to creating your manual or technical documentation. After a preliminary discussion, we provide a first step towards a solution. We think about the ways in which we can apply our knowledge and expertise or tap into our network of professionals to help you achieve your goals. You will receive an e-mail with a clear formulation of the challenges along with some initial advice.

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  • Planning

    You want to understand how INSTRKTIV is able to solve the problem. Together, we will determine the scope and discuss our mutual expectations. You will receive a project plan that includes a budget and a schedule, in which we carefully identify the steps needed to achieve the solution. Regardless of whether this solution is giving you advice on how to reduce your risks, developing your user manual, or providing back-up support in setting up your documentation process.

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  • Execution

    You want to be kept informed of the progress. We work closely with you towards achieving the end result. Because you will be involved at the end of each stage in the process, you'll be kept informed and able to exercise influence at the right times. During the process you will receive progress documents, such as a research report, a delivery of the content design and the template with the look and feel of the printable manual.

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  • Implementation

    You want a flawless implementation of the solution provided by us. We always provide solutions that can be applied immediately. This may be a recommendation to improve the existing documentation, the creation of a printable manual, or software that your employees can directly put to use.

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  • Staying in touch

    You're looking for a long-term partner for the development and management of your manuals and technical documentation. We are always available to provide you with prompt and professional advice. If you want, we also keep you informed of any new developments, including changes in laws and regulations.

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