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Do you trade a product internationally? Then your product will most likely have to satisfy international laws and regulations. These laws and regulations also make demands on the information you supply with your product, device, or machinery. INSTRKTIV will help you to ensure your manuals, product marking, labeling and packaging meet these legal requirements.


INSTRKTIV helps you by:

  • Identifying the requirements that apply to your product.
  • Creating a list of the requirements following the European harmonised standards or any other international laws.
  • Checking your user manuals, packaging and product marking/labeling on compliance.
  • Creating your user documentation.
  • Checking your user manuals for compliance with the EN IEC/IEEE 82079-1 on Information for Use.
  • Checking your instruction handbook for machinery on compliance with ISO 20607.
  • Checking your manuals for compliance with US standards, such as ANSI Z535.6.
  • Providing templates for machinery, medical devices,or electric appliances.