User Manual Secrets: The INSTRKTIV Style Guide For Creating Clear Manuals

INSTRKTIV User Manual Secrets is a style guide. It provides rules that can be seen as guidelines for creating information for use. The purpose of this publication is to create clearer and more consistent information for use, such as user guides, online help, installation manuals and so on. 

The rules and guidelines in the publication cover user guides for all kinds of hardware devices, software and machinery. These guidelines are developed and maintained by the INSTRKTIV team and based on years of experience and finding solutions for technical communication challenges. This experience has been combined with and inspired by guidelines from widely-used standards, such as the IEC/IEEE 82079-1 for information for use, ANSI Z535.6 for safety messages, ASD-STE, the IBM style guide, and the SAP style guide. 

The topics covered in INSTRKTIV User Manual Secrets are based on what we encounter at INSTRKTIV. It regards the conventions that we prefer. There are many other style guides with other solutions and conventions for similar challenges. That’s all good. They all serve a similar goal: creating user-friendly content through clarity and consistency.  Any style guide should help create clear and unambiguous instructions that help users complete tasks efficiently.  

The guidelines are arranged alphabetically by topic. Use the table of contents to go to a specific topic. For example: If you are not sure how to deal with punctuation in vertical lists, or how to format safety instructions, look for the topic (for example punctuation, or safety instructions) in the table of contents, navigate to the correct page and consult the rules.



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Frequently Asked Questions

The template is an MS Word file. To open our files you need Microsoft Word.
Yes! All our packages have a 14-day no-reason-required guarantee. So if there is any reason that you are not satisfied, just let us know and we’ll refund your money. As we think that our product really helps you to create better documentation, we don’t think it’ll come to that. But as soon as you have any doubts whether our product is the right fit for you, just put your mind at ease. We will help you to get the results you want, or we will give you your money back!
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No! The User Manual Template is a tool that will HELP you to create compliant manuals. We will tell you what elements should be in the manual, how to comply with directives and standards and even provide you with ready-to-use legal texts, but in the end you are responsible for full compliance. There are hundreds of thousands of different products out there and they all come with different risks. So it is impossible to create a template that includes all warnings for all products for example. However, we do tell you HOW you should include your specific product information in order to achieve compliance. Besides that we have included many elements for the main product groups and requirements from standards like the ANSI Z535.6 and IEC/IEEE 82079-1:2019.
As soon as your payment has been completed, you will receive an email with a link to the download page. If you haven’t received an email after some time, please check your spam folder and junk mail. It might be in there! If you haven’t white listed us yet, please make sure you do so if you want to receive our updates on legislation changes, sample instruction manuals and other relevant stuff.
Legislation is subject to improvement and technological progress. That’s why safety standards and/or directives are being updated every now and then. Once part of our community, we send you updates on relevant changes.

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