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24 hour AR: Your Passport to the European Market

13/4/2021 Ferry Vermeulen, MSc. Law & Legislation

For e-commerce and other companies outside the EU

For e-commerce and other companies outside the EU

Are you intending to sell products on the European market from outside the EU and don’t yet work with an importer? Or, are you intending to sell products on the European market but you want someone to be responsible for compliance with EU requirements?

Meet 24-hour AR!

We can be your official, full service, authorised representative and serve as a legal entity to represent non-European Union manufacturers in the EU and ensure your compliance with EU legislation. 

Our aim is to help manufacturers, exporters and e-commerce businesses from outside the EU comply with the legal requirements and regulations enforced by EU authorities for electrical devices, toys, cosmetics, machinery and all kinds of other products.

By using our services, you can place our EU address on your product, packaging or labeling, and the declaration of conformity if needed, helping you to avoid legal pitfalls.

Soft launch of the 24hour-AR website on April 19th 2021!



To register us as your Authorised Representative, follow these 4 steps:

  1. Click the BUY & REGISTER button and follow the steps. You will then receive two emails. 
  2. Upload your technical file and declaration of conformity accoring to the instructions.
  3. Wait for us to review the technical file; this only takes24 hours!
  4. Sign the AR agreement we send you.

Once you have done this, the registration is complete. You can then start using our name as your authorised representative and sell your products within the EU. All this can be done within 24 hours! It’s as easy as that!


The cost is a flat amount 1490€ per client, per year, regardless of how many products you have.


Why an Authorised Representative?

Are you a reseller of toys, electronics, cosmetics, machinery or other consumer products looking to sell your products to consumers in the EU? European legislation requires consumer products to have an economic operator established in the European Union. An economic operator can be a manufacturer, an importer, an authorised representative (who has a written mandate from the manufacturer designating the authorised representative), or a fulfilment service provider.

The name, registered trade name or registered trademark, and contact details, including the postal address, of the economic operator must be indicated on the product or on its packaging, the parcel or an accompanying document.

This address serves as the single point of contact for market surveillance authorities, to whom requests can be addressed, including requests for information regarding a product's compliance with European legislation, and who can cooperate with market surveillance, if required.

Are you an exporter or e-commerce seller based outside of the European Union? Does one of the following apply to you?

You are selling through e-commerce sites 
Most fulfillment service providers, such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Alibaba, will not allow you to use their name as the economic operator. If you don’t have the address of an economic operator then these platforms will not list you and you cannot sell your products through them. 

You are selling directly to end-consumers
The address of the economic operator within the EU must be clearly visible on the product. The chances are that if customs checks the presence of this address, and they do not find one, your products will not then be allowed to enter the European Union.

This leaves you with two other options: having an official importer or an authorised representative within the EU. 

​Through our authorised representative service, we support you in the compliance process, ensuring that you can use our address  so that you gain access to the European market.

How can 24-hour AR help you?

24-hour AR has the authority to function as your European representative so that you can sell your products in the EU directly, online (e-commerce) or via a fulfilment service provider.  Our responsibilities as your AR are to:

  • verify that the EU Declaration of Conformity and technical documentation have been drawn up;
  • maintain the technical file on behalf of your company for 10 years;
  • cooperate and communicate with the national authority if necessary;
  • provide a registered address within the European Union.

By using our services we will allow you to use and  place our EU address on your product, packaging or labeling and in the declaration of conformity.


Some of the product categories covered by 24hour-AR

24hour- AR offers AR services for most types of products (toys, electronics, cosmetics, machinery or other consumer products), but excluding medical devices. 

UKCA Authorised Representative

Do you sell to the UK and need an AR? We partner with companies that can serve as your authorised representative for the UK. Please contact us for more information!


24hour-AR is a joint venture between Zatisfy AB in Sweden and INSTRKTIV BV in the Netherlands. The authorised representative services are offered through Zatisfy AB. Do you want to get in contact with us to know more about our additional services or to ask any questions, not currently answered by this site? Click here to get in contact!