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This is how we help Lidl with their documentation


Lidl is a German supermarket chain. The company is active in most of Europe. With close to 8,000 stores in over 23 countries, Lidl is the second biggest retailer in the world. Internally, Lidl employees make use of various software tools, such as a tool to schedule online meetings. INSTRKTIV creates user manuals for these tools. For each tool, the texts are written and illustrations are provided. All texts and illustrations are managed in MadCap Flare. From Flare, a single source output, such as complete PDF manuals, quick start guides and online (HTML) manuals, are generated. Additionally, we develop video instructions based on these manuals.

Besides the manuals for internal use, we also develop manuals for the electronics products sold in Lidl stores under the store brands Silvercrest and LIVARNO. The manuals are written in both German or English as well as provided with illustrations. They are subsequently tested by TÜV. After approval, the texts are translated into ten to twenty languages ​​and the booklets are printed in their respective country groups.