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Construction Products Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 - Certification Guide

24/4/2023 Ferry Vermeulen Law & Legislation

1. What is the Construction Products Regulation?

The Construction Products Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 is a Europen CE-Regulation that outlines safety requirements for all construction products sold within the EU. 

The construction products regulation obligates construction product manufacturers to bring safe products to the EU market. The CPR focuses on the safety and performance related aspects of the said products and completed construction works. This directive lists seven basic requirements which the completed construction work must satisfy, once all the products are properly installed and maintained:

  • Mechanical resistance and stability
  • Safety in case of fire
  • Hygiene, health and environment
  • Safety & accessibility in use
  • Protection against noise
  • Energy economy and heat retention
  • Sustainable use of natural resources

2. Directive Name

Construction Products Regulation

3. Directive Number & Download Link to Legal Directive

Directive 305/2011/EU to be downloaded from the following link:

Construction Products Regulation 305/2011/EU

4. Notified Body (aka, Independent Assessment) Required?

Before a manufacturer can start with the required procedure to assess their product, it is important that they determine whether the said product requires self-assessment or a Notified Body needs to be involved.

The CPR requires manufacturers to conform to harmonised standards for the product to be CE marked. But, if a product does not complies with the harmonised standards, manufacturers may resort to European Technical Assessment.

Manufacturers seeking compliance with the CPR through harmonised standards need either Notified Bodies to assess and issue certificates for their products or manufacturers may self declare their product’s compliance, depending upon the harmonised standards applied. Those who choose European Technical Assessment need to approach Technical Assessment Bodies.

5. Products Covered

The Construction Products Regulation covers any product or kit which is to be made available in EU market for the purpose of permanent incorporation in any construction work. Manufacturers are required to conform to the regulation since performances of the products are going to affect the quality of the completed construction works.

6. Examples of Products Covered

Some examples of the construction products covered by the CPR are as follows:

  • Doors, windows, shutters
  • Chimneys
  • Floorings
  • Sanitary appliances
  • Cement, building limes etc.
  • Road construction products
  • Flat glass, glass blocks
  • Communication cables
  • Fire stopping and fire retardant products
  • Thermal insulation products

8. Enforcement & Penalties

Each EU member state is required to lay down rules on penalties for not complying with the Construction Products Regulation. Below you can find the penalties for member states Germany and the UK as an example. For penalties relevant to other specific EU member states, please consult that state's local legislation on product safety.

  • Germany - violation of the "Produktsicherheitsgesetz" (wikipedia link) can result in fines of €3,000 - €30,000 (§ 19) and imprisonment of up to 1 year (§ 20.
  • In the UK, directive violations are are covered under Section 33 HSWA offenses and can result in an unlimited fine and up to two years imprisonment.

9. How to Comply: Requirements & Process

Check Conformity

For the products to conform to the CPR, harmonised standards have been set. Manufacturers or notified bodies will assess products for their safety and conformity to the Regulation, depending upon the harmonised standards.

In case, harmonised standards are not available for a product, there are European Technical Assessments which will be carried out by Technical Assessment Bodies to determine the safety and compliance of the product with the CPR.

Perform Laboratory Tests

Look for and choose appropriate lab tests to certify your product’s conformity to the requirements of the directive. These tests will be done either by the notified bodies or the technical assessment bodies, depending upon the product. A certificate from the lab should be obtained to prove that your product qualifies to be placed in the European market.

Harmonised standards may, when appropriate, provide less troublesome and easier assessment methods than laboratory tests.

Declaration of Performance (contents)

The Construction Products Regulation requires declaration of performance rather than declaration of conformity. There are some small differences in the two.

The following are the requirements of declaration of performance as obligated by the CPR:

  • The intended use for the product
  • List of essential characteristics
  • Performance of at least one of the essential characteristics
  • Reference of the product-type
  • System of assessment and verification of constancy of performance
  • Reference number and date of issue of the applied harmonised standard or European Technical Assessment

Technical Documentation

Directive 305/2011/EU requires technical documentation to be established by the manufacturer. The technical document is instrumental in the assessment of the conformity of the said appliance with the Directive’s requirements.

The technical document must contain the following elements:

  • description of the product and its use
  • user instructions
  • a proof that the product complies with harmonised standards, completely or partially
  • if harmonised standards have not been complied with, European Technical Assessments
  • results of design calculations and examinations
  • test reports
  • statement or certificate from the notified body or Technical Assessment Body

Affix CE Mark

When all the necessary steps have been taken, it is time to get the product affixed with a CE marking. The marking should be placed either on the product, packaging or instructions. The letters must be vertically equal in dimensions and must not be smaller 5 millimeters. If there are other Directives which cover the product as well, the CE marking must be affixed only when all the Directives have been met.

10. Free Template Download

For a free Declaration of Conformity template for the CPR, please refer to the downloads section of the page below:

Declaration of Performance Templates

11. Useful Links (testing Labs, further information)

Links you might find useful in gaining more information regarding the Construction Products Regulation.


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