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Madcap Flare: The Technical Writing Tool for Technical Communicators and Content Developers

MadCap Flare: The Technical Writing Tool for Technical Communicators

MadCap Flare helps you create technical documentation for online Help, user manuals, software documentation, and other content. Flare allows you to develop, manage, and publish content to several formats, such as print, online, desktop, and mobile.

But, there is more. The entire range of MadCap’s software products (using a common native architecture based on XML) offers an end-to-end project workflow solution for analysis, collaboration, and creation of content.


With MadCap Flare you Create, Manage, and Publish your Content

MadCap Flare is an all-inclusive solution for technical writers and content developers. The following main features maximize authoring efficiency and reuse of content:

  • Advanced multi-channel publishing (pdf, online, desktop, mobile, etc.)
  • Topic-based authoring for maximum content reuse
  • Advanced single-source content development

Additionally, Flare contains:

  • Multi-language authoring, translation, and publishing
  • XML WYSIWG editor
  • Source control support and content management
  • Advanced stylesheet editor with multiple medium views
  • Scalability for any size organization
  • Social collaboration
  • Leverage existing content with advanced import capabilities
  • Project management and team collaboration
  • Advanced analytics and report possibilities
  • Project templates
  • True responsive content with the responsive layout editor
  • An open standards-based platform for future-proof content and flexibility
  • Accessibility compliance



With Multi-Channel Publishing, Create Accessible Content for your Users

Consumers want access to information the moment they need it. They expect the information to be available on every device or in any form.

  • Publish content to increasing kinds of formats, which include HTML5, WebHelp, PDF, Word, XHTML, EPUB, DITA, and more.
  • Flare employs Responsive Design technology ensuring that any user with any device and screen size has access.
  • Excel beyond tripane with today’s HTML5, providing frameless web output to assist with policy guides, online help, knowledge bases, and multiple other applications.
  • Flare produces stunning print capabilities with vector graphics support and open type fonts, as well as support for CMYK for superior print publishing.
  • Flare provides publishing capability that is versatile beyond compare. Develop knowledge bases, online help, guides for policies and procedures, API documentation, e-books, and much more…

Topic-Based Authoring Maximizes Reusable Content

A recent advance in content development is known as topic-based authoring. It supports the reuse of XML content, manages all information, and allows personal information to be assembled dynamically.

Today, it is easy to build custom content or simply develop a variation of existing documents, including:

  • Guides ranging from beginner to advanced levels
  • Policy manuals targeted to specific geographical locations
  • Organizational handbooks for all employee levels
  • Guides for programmers and admin-level personnel
  • And more…

Single-Source Content Management

Using the most up-to-date topic-based authoring components not only saves time, but maximizes the reuse of content and publishes to multiple sources.

  • Flare facilitates the publishing of reusable content across a variety of platforms and devices for a wide range of audiences and usages.
  • MadCap Capture provides a single image source.
  • Adjust content universally from one source, enabling accurate and consistent document updates.
  • Enables authors to create content rather than spending time formatting.
  • Virtually eliminates duplication issues while producing consistent, accurate content for multiple uses.

Additional MadCap Products:

Doc-To-Help provides a fast and simple way to develop e-books, guides for policies and procedures, online help, and other applications utilizing MS Word.

MadCap Contributor offers easy access for everyone in the organization, enabling them to submit and review content.

MadCap Analyzer enables project analysis and provides a reporting tool that will locate and repair issues with any Flare project.

MadCap Lingo is for those needing a computer-aided translation or CAT tool that can provide translation on a standalone basis or to enhance any MadCap Flare project.

MadCap Mimic provides a way to develop interactive videos, simulations, movies, and software presentations with one simplified tool.

MadCap Capture enables anyone to capture images, then edit or enhance them.

MadCap Pulse provides a means of producing insight into the ways users consume your content with reporting and analytics, social collaboration, and ratings. All three can be combined or used independently.