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Technical translations of documentation, manuals and instructions

Technical authors require that translations of technical texts meet the highest possible quality standards. When translating technical documentation, manuals and instructions, absolute priority is given to selecting the most appropriate translator. Most industries use their own jargon, and only a translator with industry-specific knowledge and experience will be suitable. The team of translators with which INSTRKTIV works not only takes into account the jargon in the specific industry, but also the audience for which the translated text is intended.

We work only with professional translators who offer a consistent standard of translation. Through our many years of development and translation of technical documentation we have been able to build up a network of experienced translators in industries including:

  • Software
  • Consumer electronics
  • Machinery
  • Process technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Defence
  • Offshore
  • Installation engineering

To complement our translation services, we also offer DTP services, which allow us to deliver your documents back to you print-ready.


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