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An Interesting View on Brexit

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Part of the MadCap conference was a great dinner on a boat on the Vltava river with stunning views of Prague's castle. It was hot that day. Opposite me sat George, whom I just met.

George was born in Wales, lived in Germany for quite a few years and currently resides in Scotland. Although he voted AGAINST a Brexit, he did have an interesting point of view. 

According to George, most media let us believe that one of the main reasons for people to vote FOR a Brexit, was because people want to have self-control again, so the UK can put a hold on the migration wave for example.

This creates the idea that the Brexit voters might be slightly right-winged and conservative. However, George thinks that a large part of those voters is more progressive as we think. 

According to him, many people chose to vote for a Brexit because of the lack of openness of the EU towards other economies and trade agreements. Focussing on trade with emerging economies such as Bangladesh and Malaysia once the UK is 'free' could create huge opportunities. 

This could be true of course but is still based on speculation. Fact is that CE marking made things much easier to sell goods within Europe: with one set of rules you can sell your products in 33 countries.

You are a CE marking addict as well? We have developed a set of templates to create user instructions for toys, machinery, medical devices and electrical equipment that help you to comply with the CE marking requirements. 

Do you want to create compliant manuals and be able to trade your product within the EU? Check out our templates here.

Brexit Status Quo and the Single Market

At 11 pm on March 29 2019, the UK is scheduled to leave the European Union. Some voices say that not too much has been agreed yet, while other people that are involved say that over 80% has been agreed. 

Whatever will happen, it will impact manufacturers, retailers and distributors of everything from consumer electronics to machinery as well as the e-commerce sector.

Regarding the single market and CE marking, we know for sure that the UK wants a frictionless trade with the EU. This has been published in the UK Government's White Paper, which sets out detailed proposals for the UK's relationship with the EU. 

The paper describes the development of a rulebook for all goods traded within the UK and EU, which maintains a high integration with the EU. Also, the UK Government seems willing to commit to a treaty that allows ongoing harmonisation with European legislation.

Do you want a compliant user manual for your machinery, electrical equipment, toys or medical device?

Have a look at our User Manual Templates

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