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What does the EAC mark mean?

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This just didn't feel right! Before I flew to Russia last week, I had to do something to hide my own identity.

Why did I need to do this? Because in Russia, there are requirements on the labelling of MY LAPTOP.

My laptop was different from most other laptops...

My laptop used to be labelled with the rainbow flag. And the rainbow flag is seen as propaganda in Russia. And this type of propaganda is forbidden.

For me, the rainbow flag stands for the belief that love is not a crime. But as I didn't want to get in trouble, I decided to hide certain aspects and values of myself and I covered the sticker with some other stickers.

My laptop before and after I flew to Russia

And as there are requirements in Russia for my laptop, so there are requirements on the labelling of other products as well. In Russia, you find the EAC mark (the equivalent of the European CE marking) on clothing and food as well.

EAC mark

The Eurasian EAC Mark

In Europe, these product groups are not regulated. So what again is regulated in Europe? I have added the full list of regulated products to this CE marking article.

Also, see my updated product safety article about international compliance.

From Russia with love



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