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Being raised in a family running a factory, industrial manufacturing and mass production have always been part of daily life. The choice for a study like Industrial Design Engineering seemed quite logical. After graduating in 2006 at Delft Technical University, I started my own industrial design agency Fever, with which we developped innovative products. 

For gaining more knowledge on the field of Successful Product Development, I started a PhD research in 2008, with which I fill my evening hours. 

In 2009 the company Manualise evolved as a spin-off from Fever. Starting this year I've continued in the business under a new name: INSTRKTIV, which develops, improves, and manages manuals. We are working hard to build up a strong reputation for user-friendly user manuals that contribute to a better customer experience and that reduce our customers' liability.

We achieve this by working with enthusiastic engineers and a cool network, developing time saving software and maintain cutting edge service development.

Customers include AkzoNobel, Fischer, Smartwares, Skil and Eneco and Schneider Electric.

My specialties are: product development, user experience, european directives, technical writing, technical documentation, simplified technical english, product innovation and single sourcing. 


Actually I like almost everything. In general I like exploring new things I guess. My favorites are travelling, cooking and discovering new music. The most uncommon place I have travelled to is the DPRK (North-Korea). Some other places I have been to are Brazil, Philippines, Myanmar (Burma), China, Cambodia, the US and almost everywehere in Europe. My #1 cook is Yotam Ottolenghi. He really added value to my life in the kitchen. I can spend hours on finding the right (sometimes uncommon) ingredients in Amsterdam and accordingly spend hours again on the kitchen. Talking about music, my interest is quite broad again and goes from Einstürzende Neubauten to Daft Punk and from Nils Frahm to Rammstein. German electronic music is my favorite genre. I love visiting concerts, which is quite easy as all main venues are within walking distance from where I live. Oh yes,.. I also brew my own beer and love spending sunny weekends on my boat, which is in front of my house, in the canal.  


"Never refuse an invitation, never resist the unfamiliar" 

Most favorite project!

That's a project we did for Sitecom. They are into wireless routers, hard-disks, USB dongles etc etc. The problem they had, is that trucks full with their products were stopped at the Portuguese border and were not allowed to enter the country. The reason was because the packaging and manual did not comply with the European CE-directives. According to these directives it is mandatory to translate the description of the intended use, if it is mentioned on the packaging. In the case of Sitecom they did not have the Portuguese translation of "Wi-Fi Router" on the packaging. For all their products I sorted out to which directives and harmonised standards they have to comply with. I used MadCap Flare to build a database. I generated web and mobile output so the information is easy accessible for the people of Sitecom.


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